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DOT and Non DOT-Compliant Solution for Employers

ESC Medical Solution makes drug and alcohol testing more convenient than ever with our in person facility located right off I-95 in Woodbridge and on-site teams.  Drug testing is a vital component of keeping our workplaces, roadways, schools, and communities safe, but managing a drug testing program can be overwhelming and time consuming. Our job is to make your job easier by providing high quality, convenient and efficient testing solutions.

Our services include

Blood Test

•    DOT and non-DOT drug Screening 
•    DOT and Non-DOT Alcohol testing 
•    Medical Review Officer (MRO) services 
•    Record keeping and statistical analysis
•    Random Selection 
•    DOT Consortium Services
•    DNA/Lifestyle Testing 
•    Peekaboo Gender Reveal

ESC Medical Solution is a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) that specializes in administering federally mandated drug & alcohol testing programs, offers a diversified portfolio of services that ensure confidentiality, accuracy, and legal defensibility. We are a trusted and respected partner and distributor for reputable AABB Accredited Laboratories nationwide. Our facility is located right off I-95 in Woodbridge, and we offer onsite testing. Our job is to make your job easier by providing high quality, convenient, and efficient testing solutions. With our on-site testing we help employers deter employees from attempting to tamper with tests, ensuring greater accuracy and reliability of results. It also eliminates productivity losses associated with prolonged employee absences


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DOT-Compliant Solution for Employers

Remaining DOT compliant is important for any business that requires its employees to have commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs). DOT regulations, required by FMCSA, mandates that individuals carrying a CDL must submit to regular drug and alcohol testing, including urine and breathalyzer tests in order to ensure their own safety and the safety of those around them.

At ESC Medical Solution, we offer a complete range of certified DOT testing services. Kimoz Consulting adhere to the strict standards set forth by FMCSA in regards to DOT testing and our staff is thoroughly trained in proper testing procedures and techniques. Our collectors are Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) certified. Whether you need random DOT drug testing, a post-accident breathalyzer test, or return-to-duty testing, you can depend on our friendly and professional team.



Pre-employment drug testing
Judicial and social services cases
Academic, institutional, and athletic program screens
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DOT and non-DOT requirements
Office Building
Any industry that deals with sensitive


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The Urine Drug Panels will determine the presence or absence of 5, 10, or 12 types of drugs or their metabolites in your urine. This is a lab based and/ or Point-of care test with confirmation and MRO included.


Hair drug test has a long retention time of 90 days (about 3 months) in the human body and are sometimes used as an indicator by companies who test for drugs or alcohol over a longer period. Hair follicle tests range from 5 panel hair drug test, 10 panel hair drug test, 12 panel hair drug test and 14 panel hair drug tests.

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Breath Alcohol

This test uses an evidential breath alcohol testing device to detect the presence of alcohol in an individual’s breath. This test determines the concentration of alcohol in an individuals breath.


We Provide Comprehensive Testing Services to Athletes, Government Employees & Military personnel; More In addition to our industry-leading drug and alcohol testing services, DNA testing services, and DOT compliant services, ESC Medical Solutionis proud to offer a number of other testing services for individuals in numerous industries. Whether you are an athlete who needs to pass a random drug test before your next big game, an employer who needs private pre-employment screening for a potential government employee, or an individual who needs DNA testing for immigration reasons, you can rely on ESC Medical Solution.

We proudly offer some of the fastest, most affordable testing services in the industry. We understand that no matter the reason for your test, the results are incredibly important to you.


While we specialize in providing some of the best drug and alcohol testing services in the industry, including DOT complaint drug and alcohol testing, as well as comprehensive DNA testing, we at ESC Medical Solution are fully equipped to provide a full range of testing services.

Our additional testing services include
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  • Athletic Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Government Testing Services

  • Background Checks/pre-employment Screening

  • Military Testing Services for Federal Civilian Employees

  • Military Testing Services for U.S. Coast Guard Members

  • Court-admissible DNA, drug, and Alcohol Testing

  • DNA Testing for Immigration Matters

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